The unadjusted trial balance of Copper’s Hire Cars is shown below (ignore GST).


Copper’s Hire Cars

Unadjusted Trial Balance

As at 30 June 2019

Account Debit Credit
Cash at bank           8,140
Accounts receivable         12,860
Office supplies              640
Prepaid insurance           2,700
Hire cars         93,600
Accumulated depreciation – hire cars          39,400
Accounts payable          10,800
Unearned hire fees            2,260
H. S. Capital          68,340
H. S Drawings         20,600
Hire fees revenue          98,700
Insurance expense           8,180
Wages expense         50,620
Advertising expense           3,880
Maintenance expense           7,600
Fuel and oil expense         10,680
      219,500        219,500


  1. Petrol of $580 used during the last week in June has not been paid for or recorded.
  2. A physical count showed office supplies totalling $240 are still on hand at 30 June.
  3. The $2700 prepaid insurance that covers the next 9 months (starting from 1 June) was purchased on 1 June.
  4. For the $2260 Unearned Hire Fees; 1200 has been earned in June
  5. The monthly depreciation for Hire cars is $2000


Prepare end of month adjusting entries for the entity Ignore narration

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