Assignment 1

2018 Due date: 5pm (Sydney time), April 10 2018

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Petral Ltd. Manufactures 2 products, W and Z using the same factory and facilities.  Details provided below:

Product line Vol of production Material (direct) cost per unit Direct labour per unit Machine time per unit Labour cost per unit
W 600 $6 0.75 hour 0.5 hour $4
Z 7100 $18 1.25 hours 1.75 hours $10


Production overhead is comprised of the following costs:

Description of cost Amount
Factory overhead related to machine activity $42,725
Set-up costs $8,725
Cost of handling materials $11,725
Administration costs for spare parts $12,725


The firm uses a plant-wide overhead rate based on Machine hours of $5.97 per machine hour.

However, an investigation of the activities (in addition to machine hours) that drive costs at the product-line level revealed the following relationships:

Product line No. of set-ups No. of times material was handled No. of spare parts
W 2 3 3
Z 9 13 5




  • Verify the firm’s plant-wide rate of $5.97 per machine hour. Show all relevant calculations.  (2 marks)
  • Compute all appropriate overhead rates using activity based costing. Round off all individual overhead rates to two decimal places.  Show all relevant calculations.  (2.8 marks)
  • Apply (1) and (2) to 2 product lines: that is, calculate the amount of overhead that should be allocated to Product-lines W and Z under the plant-wide rate and ABC rates. Show all relevant calculations.  (4.8 marks)
  • Compare the overhead allocations to product lines W and Z. (14.4 marks)


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