Question 1 (25 marks)

Home Guardian has recently completed a $200,000, two-year study on its new pest control device. It can go into production for an initial investment in equipment of $5 million. The equipment will be depreciated straight line over the useful life of 5 years to a value of zero. The fully depreciated equipment is expected to sell for $1,200,000 at the end of its useful life. The project also requires investment in land value of $300,000 which is expected to have a realisable value of $500,000 at the end of the project. Investment of $400,000 in current assets will be recovered at the termination of the project. The marketing department has estimated that 200,000 units of its new device could be sold annually over the next five years at a price of $10 each. Fixed costs of $500,000 per annum will be incurred.

The firm is an ongoing profitable business and pays taxes at a 30% rate in the year of income. All capital gains will also be taxed at a rate of 30%. The company uses a 12% discount rate on the new project. Using the NPV approach, advice the firm whether the project should be undertaken.

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