Project Description:

You are an investment banker and you would like to put together a brief statistical report of the most-viewed stock quotes for the day. To complete this task, you will enter stock prices and create a report using the Analysis ToolPak.


For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

Step Instructions Points Possible
1 Start Excel. Open exploring_e08_grader_m1_Stocks.xlsx. 0.000
2 Type Symbol in cell B2, type Last Sale Price in cell C2, and type Rank in cell D2. 12.000
3 Enter the following stock information beginning in cell B3: Click cell B3 and type CTIC. Click cell C3 and type 1.92. Click cell B4 and type AAPL. Click cell C4 and type 130.96. Click cell B5 and type C. Click cell C5 and type 59.19. Click cell B6 and type BAC. Click cell C6 and type 18.12. 8.000
4 Use the RANK.AVG function to calculate the rank of the first stock in cell D3 and copy the formula down to complete the column. 12.000
5 Click cell B8, type Average value, and in cell C8 type <100 . In cell B9, use the AVERAGEIF function to calculate the average value of stocks that sell for less than $100.00 using the criteria in cell C8. 20.000
6 Set column B width to 13, column C to 22, and apply Accounting number format to cell B9. 12.000
7 Create a Descriptive Statistics Summary report using the range C2:C6 as the input range and cell F2 as the output range. Note that the first row of the input range contains labels. 10.000
8 Rename the worksheet Stock Quotes and apply the following formatting:

• Apply Accent2 Themed Cell Style format to the ranges B2:D2 and B8:C8.
• Apply Top and Bottom Borders to the ranges B8:C8 and B2:D2.
• Apply Thick Bottom Border to the range B6:D6.

9 Create a footer with your name on the left side, the name of the worksheet in the middle, and the file name on the right side. 10.000
10 Save and close the workbook. Submit the file as directed. 0.000
Total Points 100.000


* Please make sure you mention your name in the left side of footer by replacing ‘’ with your name as shown in below image:


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