HI5002 Finance for Business – If you invest $7000 now, and your investment pays

Question 1. If you invest $7000 now, and your investment pays 12% per annum. Required: a. In term of time value of money, what does the amount of $7000 represent? b. What is the interest rate 12% called? c. How much will you have in three years if the rate is compounded annually (to the nearest dollar)? d. How much will you have in three years if the rate is compounded semiannually, quarterly, monthly and daily (to the nearest dollar)? Question 2. You have been told that you need $25 500 today in order to have $100 000 when you retire 35 years from now. Required: a. What rate of interest was used in the present value computation if assuming interest…


ACCG8126 – On 1 July 2015 Gasol Ltd acquired 100% of the share capital

On 1 July 2015 Gasol Ltd acquired 100% of the share capital (ex div.) of Payne Ltd for $450,000. At that date, the relevant balances in the records of Payne Ltd were:   $ Share capital 320 000 General reserve 20 000 Retained earnings Dividend payable 80 000 10 000   At the date of acquisition all assets and liabilities of Payne Ltd were recorded in the accounting records at amounts equal to their fair values with the exception of the following assets:                                                             Carrying amount                     Fair value                                                                         $                                            $ Inventory                                           10 000                                 14 000 Equipment                                         47 000                                 62 000   All inventory on hand at acquisition date was sold by 30 June 2016. The cost…


ACST2001 Financial Modelling – Spreadsheet Project Task 3 – S1 2020

In SPT3 we extend your modelling from SPT1 to income streams. Specifically, we generate the retirement income stream lost by withdrawing a lump sum (now) from your super fund. In addition, given an individual’s desired income stream at retirement, we generate the (lump sum) investment needed now to realise that goal. Your modelling needs knowledge of interest rates applicable from today onwards. For simplicity, assume this rate is the Australian 10-year government bond yield as at the end of 2019 (31.xii.19), plus 100 basis points (i.e., a j2 rate). You can use FactSet to find this value. A user of your spreadsheet will need to input the following. Age (an integer) Gender (‘M’ or ‘F’) Desired superannuation withdrawal amount (in dollars)…


FIN200 – You are considering the purchase of a house in Sydney

You are considering the purchase of a house in Sydney for $750,000. You have available deposit of $100,000. ANZ bank will lend you money at the rate of 6 per cent per annum compounded monthly over a period of up to 25 years. If you borrow the required funds over 25 years, what are the monthly repayments? After 10 years, how much do you still owe the bank? You are celebrating your 25th birthday today and want to start saving for your anticipated retirement at the age of 65. You want to be able to withdraw $3,000 from your saving account each month for 20 years following your retirement; the first withdrawal will be at the end of the month on…


BU330 – Using CVP analysis to find breakeven points

Part A: Using CVP analysis to find breakeven points and target profit volumes Mimi Incorporated has a targeted operating income of $518,000 for the upcoming year. The selling price of its single product is $40.50 each, while the variable cost per unit is $12.50. Fixed costs total $182,000. Calculate the following: Contribution margin per unit Breakeven point in units Units to be sold to earn the targeted operating income   Part B: Factoring resource constraints into product mix decisions Rose Incorporated manufactures two types of vases, small and large. The following per-unit data are available.                                                               Small Vase     Large Vase Sale price                                                        $60      $100 Variable costs                                                 $35      $60 Machine hours required for 1 vase                 1          2…


The following information has been extracted from the financial reports of ABC Ltd.

1. The following information has been extracted from the financial reports of ABC Ltd.   $ Sales 25,000 units @ £20 per unit 500,000 Rent per annum 30,000 Rates per annum 10,000 Insurance per annum 15,000 Overhead costs 10,000 Other variable costs 245,000   Additional information: The annual rent, rates and insurance costs are fixed. It has been estimated that 50% of the overhead costs are variable and 50% are fixed. Required: Show how many units must be sold to break-even using CVP Analysis. How many units must be sold to obtain a profit of $30,000 (Target profit)? Calculate the break-even point (units) if fixed costs (including the fixed cost portion of overhead cost) increased to $70,000. Explain the effects of…


IML6106 – The trial balance of Greenwoods Limited

SECTION 1 Context: The trial balance of Greenwoods Limited, a company involved in the production of garden equipment, as at 31 March 2019, is given below:   Trial Balance   Debit (£) Credit (£) Allowance for receivable   1,800 Salaries and wages 98,420   Inventory at 1 April 2018 42,300   Dividends paid 3,000   Purchases 473,194   Sales   765,490 Administrative expenses 38,740   General distribution costs 22,225   Reserve   5,600 Land at cost 80,000   Motor vehicles at cost 23,700   Motor vehicles accumulated depreciation at 1 April 2018   10,369 £1 Ordinary Shares   30,000 Retained earnings   28,100 Buildings at cost 92,400   Buildings accumulated depreciation at 1 April 2018   9,240 Bank 23,960   Share…



REQUIRED:   You are required to create a 10-column work sheet that starts with an Unadjusted Trial Balance as of December 31, 2020 and ends with a Balance Sheet as of the same date.  You will also be required to prepare a Balance Sheet, Statement of Retained Earnings, and an Income Statement in good form based on this worksheet.  Ensure that your financial statements are correctly formatted in terms of headings, dollar signs, appropriate spacing and current verses long-term classifications.   Excel’s ability to link portions of the spreadsheet together to achieve your output requirements will prove very helpful in the completion of this assignment.  You are required to use the linkage function to automatically move data from your worksheet to…


Cash Budget and Flexible Budget

Question 1: – Cash Budget: Estimated sales January February March April May Total Coffee sales (units) 15,000 16,000 17,500 18,000 14,500   Your friend, Chris Coffee, has been running a successful coffee shop for the last couple of years.  He has asked you to put together a cash budget.  His regular accountant was too busy to help, but told Chris his depreciation expense was going to be $1,800 per year, using the straight-line method.  He has supplied you with the following information (above) to help you put together his cash budget. The revenue for a coffee is $5 for a large, $4 for a medium and $3 for a small.  50% of his sales are Large coffees, 25% medium and 25%…


You plan to take a trip around the world in five (5) years

  Question 1: This question relates to topics 1 and 3 and LO6. a. You plan to take a trip around the world in five (5) years and predict you will need $50,000 for all anticipated costs.  You do not have any current savings but your bank has offered you 3% p.a. compounded monthly on future savings. Assuming you have five (5) full years to reach your goal, calculate the payments you will have to make each month to save the target amount of $50,000. b. Charge Car P/L is considering a project to launch charging stations for electric cars around Australia.  The initial investment is expected to be $100,000,000 and the term of the project is 6 years.  The required…


You are an investment adviser. One of your clients

You are an investment adviser. One of your clients approaches you for your advice on investing in equity shares of Alpha Company. You have collected the following data:

Earnings per share last year $3.00
Payout ratio 0.40
Return on equity 0.25 from year 1 to 5
Cost of equity capital 0.20

The company plans to increase the payout ratio to 60% after year 5. This payout ratio and the return on equity are expected to prevail till perpetuity.

Estimate the price of an equity share of this company using an appropriate dividend discount model and advise your client whether they should buy a share of the company.

You are the portfolio manager of a large company that invests

You are the portfolio manager of a large company that invests in many securities including corporate bonds. You have been assigned the task of bond portfolio management. You are provided with the following data in relation to bonds:

Maturity period 8 years
Coupon rate 10%
Par value $1,000
Coupons on bonds are paid annually
Yield to maturity of bonds 8%


Calculate the Macualay’s duration, modified duration and convexity.