Bellroy Company makes protective cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The company has three product lines – Polycarbonate (PC) cases, Silicone (S) cases and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) case. The following table presents the sales and cost data of the business.


  PC case   S case   TPU Case
Selling Price per unit 50 65   90  
Variable Cost Per unit 45 61   87  
Company’s total fixed cost 35,100        


After analysing the market trend, the management accountant of Bellroy Company expects that the company will be able to sell 17,500 cases in next month consisting, 2,500 units of PC case, 10,000 units of S case and 5,000 units of TPU case.



  • If the given sales mix is maintained, what is Bellroy company’s break-even point in units?
  • Assuming that the given sales mix is maintained, what is the operating profit when 17,500 units are sold?
  • If the company sold 2,500 units of PC case, 7,500 units of S case and 7,500 units of TPU case, what would be the operating income? What would be the new break-even point in units if these new relationships persist in the next period?

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