Lieza the owner of AAA Services. This Company provides service such as cleaning furniture, offices and garden to customers in Carlton. The trial balance columns of the worksheet for AAA Services are as shown in Table 1 below.

Table 1. Trial Balance of AAA Services for the year end of 30 June 2018


  Trial  balance
Accounts Name Debit Credit
cash 40860  
Accounts Receivable 11800  
Office Supplies 45600  
Prepaid Rent 72000  
Equipment 160000  
Accounts Payable   10400
Notes Payable   40000
Utilities Payable   7928
Unearned Revenue   8000
Common Stock   200000
Service Revenue   165200
Wages Expense 76400  
Miscellaneous Expense 6940  
Electricity Expense 4940  
Telephone Expense 2988  
Dividend 10000  
Total 431528 431528


Based on information provided above, please complete the following tasks:

Create an excel file. Name each of the excel sheets as:

  • Trial Balance (worksheet)
  • Adjusting entries
  • Income statement for the year ending June 30,2018
  • Changes in equity for the year ending June 30,2018  
  • Balance sheet for the year ending June 30,2018
  1. Copy Table 1 to the Trial Balance excel sheet and complete the worksheet.
  2. Prepare the adjusting entries of AAA Services, below relevant information for the preparation of adjusting entries of AAA at 30 of June 2018
    • Office supplies having original cost $8640were unused till the end of the period. Office supplies having original cost of $45,600 are shown on unadjusted trial balance.
    • Prepaid rent of $72,000 was paid for the months June, July and August.
    • The equipment costing $160,000 has useful life of 10 years and its estimated salvage value is $28,000. Depreciation is provided using the straight line depreciation method assume that this equipment acquired on 1st of July 2017.
    • The interest rate on $40,000 note payable is 9%. Accrue the interest for one month.
    • $3,000 worth of service has been provided to the customer who paid advance amount of $4,000.
  3. Prepare an income statement on the Income statement excel sheet.
  4. Prepare a statement of changes in equity on the Changes in equity excel sheet
  5. Prepare a balance sheet on the Balance sheet excel sheet.

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